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The Planning Process - Magical Moments Vacations

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

  • It all starts with a conversation so that I can understand the experience you are looking for as well as what level of planning you want to do on your own. Essentially, what is your wish list?

  • I research and identify the perfect vacation package options based on your wish list. This research and information is presented to you in a customized quote. Each quote is unique and specific to each client’s desire for specific plans vs. exploring on their own.

  • When you accept the quote, I begin creating a detailed itinerary that I continuously update throughout the booking process.

  • Approximately a month before your trip, we review all components of your trip and I equip you with the final details, documents and information so that you are prepared, confident and have everything you need for a successful and memorable vacation.

  • I am always available for whatever questions or issues that may arise before, during, and after your trip.

  • After you return, I follow up to hear about your adventures so I can continue to recommend and improve experiences for my clients.

Holly Poast, CTA is an agent/independent contractor with Magical Moments Vacations specializing in Disney Destinations (land and sea), the Caribbean, select European Markets and Alaska. Ready to plan your next adventure? Contact Holly for inspiration and complimentary concierge-style vacation planning services!

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